Shopping Center weekly holiday in Dhaka

If you want to go any shopping center outside you local shop to buy something you should know holiday of the market.  If you do not know the area weekly holiday schedule you can be reached  there on holiday also.  So you should know the Shopping Center weekly holiday in Dhaka

Mirpur-11 :

All market: Monday close


Sunday Close: Shah Ali Plaza

Friday Close: Porbota Tower

Saturday Close: Mukti-Joddha super marke

Sunday Close: Capital Tower, Mazar Co-operative, Bagdad Shopping Complex

Monday Close: Mukti Plaza, Shah Ali Shopping Complex

Wednesday Close: Mukto Bangle shopping complex


Monday close : All market in Kachukhet area.


Tuesday Close: Bashundhara city (Wednesday Half )

Dhaka New market off day it happens one day in a week.

New market off day: Tuesday

Tuesday Close: Gausia market, Nilkhet, Chadni chalk

Monday Close: Bakushah market

Elephant road:

Friday close : Alpona Plaza,
Chadni Chawk Market


Sunday close : Farmview super market

Karwan bajar:

Sunday close : Karwan Bajar Market


Saturday close : Mouchak Market


Saturday close : Samad super market

Monday close : Jatrabari taj market


Monday close : Rapa plaza

Tuesday close : Dhanmondi hookers market

Hatir pull:

Monday Close: Eastern Plaz

Baitul mukarram:

Friday close : Baitul Mukarram Market

Friday close : Bongobondhu National stadium market


Friday close
Gulshan north super market


Friday close : Polton super market, City Heart Shopping Center
Bongabazar super market:

Friday close : Bongobazar hawkers market, Pir yaminee market


Monday close : Navana Shoopping Center


Monday close : Karnophuli Garden City


Saturday close : Mouchak Market


Fridays close : Ramna Bhadan


Fridays close : Rajluxmi Complex

Moghbazar, Santinagar, Bijoynagar:

Saturday Close: Anarkoli super market, Al-amain super market, Rajlakhkhi complex

Sunday Close: London Plaza

Monday: Kornofule garden city , Chandrima super market, Chishtia market

Fridays close : Vishal Centre, Nur manshion, Polwell super market, Century orchid, Priangon shopping centre, Esha kha shopping complex, Bijoynogor market, Zonaki super market Landmark shopping centre, Nahar plaza, Aysha shopping complex, AB super market, Adorsho Hokers market and kushol centre


Sunday close: Rajdhani super market


Friday : Fulbaria city super market, Municiple hokers market

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