This New York Times bestselling review of Wes Anderson’s filmography options up to now unpublished in the back of-the-scenes pictures, paintings, and ephemera, with an advent by means of Michael Chabon.

Author/director Wes Anderson courses film/tv critic Matt Zoller Seitz thru Anderson’s Existence and occupation in a hardcover guide-duration dialog, woven along with unique illustrations and manufacturing photographs from Bottle RocketRushmoreThe Royal TenenbaumsThe Existence Aquatic with Steve ZissouThe Darjeeling LimitedFantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom.

The result’s a meticulously designed guide that captures and displays the spirit of Wes Anderson’s motion pictures: depression, playful, sensible, and beautifully distinctive.

Additionally to be had from Matt Zoller Seitz: The Oliver Stone Experience, The Wes Anderson Assortment: Unhealthy Dads, The Wes Anderson Assortment: The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Mad Males Carousel.