Coordinate: Nice|Great} for invites|invitations} or bulletins|announcements}. Upload|Add} a layer of complementary colour|colour}} with heavier-weight cardstock sheets
Layout|Format}: Use your individual|your own|your own} Layout|Format} device|device|instrument|device} or the templates supplied|provided|supplied} on the|on the} internet|web} cope with|take care of|care for} behind|in the back of|in the back of} the thing|the item|the article|the item} to print {on the|on the}} sheet.
End|Finish}: Choose|Choose|Make a choice|Make a selection} an envelope in a complementary colour|colour}}. Insert folded paper and seal. Foil seals all the time|always|always} make a perfect|a really perfect|a really perfect|an ideal|a in reality highest|a very good} completion|of entirety|completion|of entirety|finishing touch|of completion}.