A complete exploration, spanning 1,300 years, of the artwork and tradition of the Sahel area of Africa

This groundbreaking extent examines the unusual creative and cultural traditions of the African area referred to as the Sahel (“shore” in Arabic), an unlimited space at the southern fringe of the Sahara Wilderness that incorporates provide-day Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Chad. That is the primary e book to offer a complete review of the varied cultural achievements and traditions of the area, spanning greater than 1,300 years from the pre-Islamic length throughout the nineteenth century. It options one of the vital earliest extant artwork from Africa in addition to such iconic works as sculptures by means of the Dogon and Bamana peoples of Mali. Essays by means of best global students talk about the artwork, structure, archaeology, literature, philosophy, faith, and historical past of the Sahel, exploring the original cultural panorama by which those historical groups flourished. Richly illustrated and brilliantly argued, Sahel brings to existence the iconic creativity of the other peoples who lived, traded, and traveled via this crossroads of the sector.