A quarter-Canadian from Cleveland explores his roots–and melts your face with pleasure.

There’s an concept such a lot American citizens have a tendency to be informed as youngsters. The concept that their usa is the “perfect.” However this by no means caught with Dave Hill, despite the fact that he used to be born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His grandfather, you spot, used to be from Canada (Clinton, Ontario, to be precise). And each and every Sunday at dinner he’d remind Dave and any person else inside of earshot that it used to be in truth Canada, this magical and mysterious land simply around the strong Lake Erie, that used to be the “perfect.”

It used to be an concept that took dangle. Even as his friends saved busy with soccer, basketball and baseball, hockey was the one recreation for Dave. On every occasion bacon used to be served at house, he’d you should definitely point out his choice for the Canadian selection. Likewise, if a tune by means of Triumph got here at the radio, he’d be the primary to invite for it to be cranked up as loud as it could pass. And he used to be extra vocal concerning the huge deserves of the Canadian healthcare machine than any 9-yr-antique you’ll ever need to meet. (That remaining phase is a lie, However expectantly it makes the purpose that he used to be so into Canada that it used to be in truth more or less bizarre.)

In later years he even visited Canada a few occasions. However now, impressed by means of a writer’s cost of a couple of hundred greenbacks (Canadian) in money, he has travelled in every single place the rustic, reconnecting together with his history in such puts as Montreal, Moose Jaw, Regina, Winnipeg, Merrickville and naturally Clinton, Ontario, assembly a variety of Canadians, touching issues he almost definitely can not and having adventures too a large number of and wealthy intimately to be performed justice on this blurb.

The end result, he guarantees, is “the best Canada-primarily based literary thrill experience of your lifetime.”