This shocking photographic ode to some of the International’s such a lot cherished treasures can pay tribute to Notre-Dame—its position in historical past and in tradition, and its rebirth—within the wake of the tragic fireplace that just about destroyed it.

With its impressive rose home windows, majestic spire, hovering vaults, dual bell towers, and big pipe organ, the gothic cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris has lengthy stood as a logo of that town—other folks overtly wept as fireplace swept throughout the iconic building in April 2019, which sustained enormous harm. In shocking images, this quantity celebrates Notre-Dame throughout the A long time: its beginnings in 1160 and building all through the Center A long time; its survival throughout the French Revolution and International Wars; its coronations (together with Napoleon’s), royal weddings, and presidential funerals; its resurgence after the e-newsletter of Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame; its incredible relics and paintings; its portrayal via artists via time; and, in the end, its up to date close to-destruction . . . and the fabulous efforts to reserve it, and repair it to its former glory and past.