Understanding Molecular Typography, an artist’s e-book by way of Woody Leslie, introduces readers to the misplaced technological know-how of molecular typography, the examine of the chemical and bodily underpinnings of letters. Consistent with molecular typography, all characters are shaped from seven fundamental atomic construction blocks: typtoms. Those typtoms come in combination in quite a lot of mixtures to shape letters, numbers and punctuation. Typtoms don’t seem to be simply theoretical equipment for exploring the anatomy of kind, however precise debris.

Leslie brings readers a reprint of the seminal 1992 textbook, Understanding Molecular Typography. Phase primer, Phase box information, the e-book makes the technological know-how of molecular typography available to readers. It lays out the elemental concepts of the sphere, adopted by way of distinct diagrams of the molecular formation of kind. A end sums up the sphere to this point, and a complete bibliography supplies useful reference for the reader taking a look to be informed extra.