A Guy Named Dave, which has offered over 1 million copies, is the gripping end to Dave Pelzer’s inspirational and New York Times bestselling trilogy of memoirs that started with A Kid Known as “It” and The Misplaced Boy.

“All the ones years you attempted your best possible to damage me, and I am nonetheless right here. Someday you can see, I’ll make one thing of myself.” These phrases had been Dave Pelzer’s statement of independence to his mom, and so they represented without equal act of self-reliance. Dave’s father by no means intervened as his mom abused him with surprising brutality, denying him meals and apparel, torturing him by any means she may just consider. This used to be the lady who informed her son she may just kill him any time she sought after to—and just about did. 

The greater than million readers of Pelzer’s New York Times and global bestselling memoirs A Kid Known as “It” and The Misplaced Boy realize that he lived to inform his brave tale. With surprising generosity of spirit, Dave Pelzer invitations readers on his adventure to find how he became disgrace into delight and rejection into popularity.