13 New TV channels in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh government had approved 18 TV stations during their tenure. The Information Secretary office has sent a list of all TV channel with summary suggesting a decision considering all aspects in approving the licences. Finally All channel got approval. NEW TV channel in Bangladesh List of New TV channels and owner names are- Ananda TV Ananda Television [...]

Conducting an Interview

If you want to conduct an interview you should take enough preparation for the followings: Arrangement If you get the assignment to conduct an interview of a prominent person. You can contact with him/her in advance to make an appointment. Describe yourself by name, position and other details. You can discuss the topic with him if [...]

National Broadcasting policy 2014 of Bangladesh

Bangladesh cabinet approved the National Broadcasting Policy 2014 on 04 August 2014 to monitoring news, programs, advertisement, talk-show in the television and Radio. Electronic media cannot broadcast any false, baseless information, in their news and programs. Cabinet Secretary Musharraf Hossain said the National Broadcasting Policy was made to ensure freedom of speech, free flow of [...]