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Map of Bangladesh – Division and District Maps

The total area of Bangladesh is 56,977 square miles (1,48,393 square kilometer). In 2011, the estimated population of the country was 142,319,000. In the Map of Bangladesh, 8 divisions and districts are showing  separately.  Bangladesh is a sovereign state & join its borders with India from west, north, east sides except for Mayanmer in the [...]

The peoples republic of Bangladesh – Districts Portal

The peoples republic of Bangladesh is an independent country located in the north-eastern part of South Asia .  The mountain Himalayas stand some distance from Bangladesh to the north, and in the south lays the Bay of Bengal. West Bengal province of India on the west and in the east lie the hilly & forested area of [...]

Art and Culture of Bangladesh

Government and non-government organizations like Nazrul Institute, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangla Academy , Fine arts Institute, Chhayanat etc. dedicating huge role to flourish Bangladesh art & culture to provide encouragement in  music, drama, traditional dance, recitation, art, etc. Many other cultural organizations are also popularizing Bangladeshi art and culture. Cinemas & Theaters Sports Museum Academy Music Literature Festival Painting Drama Dance [...]

Bangabandhu satellite -1 of Bangladesh

Bangabandhu Satellite -1 (BS-1)  was launched on May 11, 2018 operated by  Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL). Bongobondhu Satellite -1 manufactured by Thales Alenia Space duration of Mission is 15 years. Bangladesh own first satellite orbital location is 119.1° East longitude which was launched  from Florida, USA.  Bongobondhu Satellite 01 was sent by Rocket Falcon 9 [...]

National Game of Bangladesh – Kabaddi

Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh, kabaddi is played by two teams of 12 players each on a 12.50 metre X 10.0 metre rectangular court in which a player while holding his breath, raid into the opponent team's area, touches one or some players and/or wrestles out to come back his own area safely [...]

Hilsa National Fish of Bangladesh | Ilish life and Breeding

Hilsa fish or ilish fish any of the members of the genus Tenualosa of the family Clupeidae, order Clupeiformes, scientific Species Tenualosa ilisha. Bangla name is Ilish, the Hilsa national fish of Bangladesh. Ilish fish body is strongly compressed & moderately deep with dorsal and ventral profile equally convex. The upper jaw of Hilsha fish has [...]

Water Lily – Shapla Flower : National flower of Bangladesh

Water Lily - shapla flower an aquatic plant of the genus Nymphaea which has large, disk-like, floating leaves and showy flowers. There are about 50 species growing in different countries. In Bangladesh there are two species: N. nouchali (blue variety) and N. pubescens (white variety).   Water Lily grows in the soil under the water [...]

Tipaimukh Dam: An alarming venture

Prof Mustafizur Rahman Tarafdar TIPAIMUKH dam located in Monipur state of India, by all definitions falls into the category of a large high head [162m] dam.Though learnt to be a hydel power project for generation of 1500 MW electricity, it will definitely work as a flood control dam for Monipur and the neighbouring Mizoram state [...]

National Anthem of Bangladesh

Bangladesh National Anthem : Amar Shonar Bangla Ami tomae Bhalobashi English: My Golden/beloved Bengal Lyrics: Rabindranath Tagore, 1906 Music: Rabindranath Tagore, 1906 Adopted as Bangladesh Anthem: 1972 Bangla  Amar Shonar Bangla Amar shonar Bangla, Ami tomae bhalobashi. Chirodin tomar akash, Tomar batash, Amar prane bajae bãshi. O ma, Phagune tor amer bone Ghrane pagol kôre, [...]

Magpie Robin – National Bird of Bangladesh

Magpie-robin (doel) black-and-white bulbul-sized, long-tailed bird, Copsychus saularis, of the family Muscicapidae, order Passeriformes. The bird has been designated as the national bird of Bangladesh. The upper part of the male is glossy blue-black, its wings are blackish brown with a prominent long white patch; throat and breast are blue-black; the rest of its underparts [...]