Seven Icons of History at Dhaka

Seven Icons of History at Dhaka: Bangladesh was liberated in 16 December 1971 , after a decisive nine months of War of Liberation against the oppressive rule of the then Pakistani Military Rulers. Therefore, December is the month of Bijoy (Liberation). Many statues and sculptures were built all over the country to mark our glorious [...]

Rivers of Dhaka and environment

The gradually narrowing rivers of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh no longer hold water; rather, all they carry are stinky, mucky liquids. We the Dhakaites are at the mercy of policy planners who, irrespective of their political colours, appear to be deaf and dumb. They fail to see in front of their very noses how [...]

Places of Interest in Dhaka – dating place

There are many interesting places in Dhaka. It is a modern city of third world with cement-break buildings, in traditional fashion with rapid growing decline. Once ago places of Dhaka was valuable in the south Asia. Dhaka was established in the 4th century by Buddhists, later conquered by Hindus and then by Muslim Mughal rulers [...]

Shopping Center weekly holiday in Dhaka

If you want to go any shopping center outside you local shop to buy something you should know holiday of the market.  If you do not know the area weekly holiday schedule you can be reached  there on holiday also.  So you should know the Shopping Center weekly holiday in Dhaka Mirpur-11 : All market: Monday close [...]

Help line Dhaka | Emergency Telephone number wasa fire service police

Emergency phone number in Dhaka City - Help line Dhaka, Call police, ambulance, fire service or other organization to help you when you really need such a help. Emergency contact number in Bangladesh Police Ambulance Fire service number bd Taxi Cab Service Emergency Enquiry, Airport, Road Transport, Post Office Dhaka WASA Thana OC Phone Number in Bangladesh Police Emergency [...]

Dhaka South and North City Corporation Map, World Area List

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The Dhaka city is located on the Bariganga River. It is the largest city of the world. Dhaka is called "City of Mosques" and is known "City of Rickshaws". In 17th century, during Mughal Emperor Dhaka was the capital of Bengal. If we compare the Dhaka map of Mughal [...]

Dhaka City – Capital of Bangladesh – Dhaka Population And Area

Dhaka city history: Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh. It is said to refer the Word Dhaka came from the "Dhak Tree" (beautiful Palash flower tree), once many trees exist in the area; Or from the Bengali word "Dhak" (instrumental sound) or originated for "Dhakeshwari" (a Hindu temple by Ballal Sena). In 7th century, the settlement [...]

Population Problem in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country of 55598 sq. miles but its population density is very high. About 1600 people live in a square mile. Population is the main problem of Bangladesh.  Bangladesh is the 7th most pupulous  country in the world. Every year more than 2 million people are added to our population. Growing population [...]