Wood steel cane office house kitchen Furniture in Bangladesh

Furniture Accessories


Brothers Furniture Ltd

1286/1,East Monipur,Begum Rokya Sharani,Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9006797, 01712-373272

Dynamic Associate’s

89, Bijoynagar, Aziz Cooperative Market, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh,furniture

Telephone No: 9555800, Telep9563846


Ma-Moni Tower, (3rd Floor), 1244, East Monipur, Begum Rokya Sharani, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9015298

Isha Enterprise

Al-Bsshir Plaza, (4th Floor), 205/5, Fakirapool, Motijheel

Dhaka, Bangladesh.,

Telephone No: 8353003, 8355487


Shah Jalal Enterprise,176, Tongi Baran, Dhaka, Mymensingh Road, Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9816535, 01552346230



Balaka Furniture

153/1, Green Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Telephone No: 9137185,

Comilla Emdad Cane House

160, Green Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh,9113599

Jalalabad Cane Furniture House Ltd.,

House # 68, (Gr. Floor), Road # 17, Block-E, Banani,

Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 883644, 01911-368411`

S. A. Cane & Steel Fair,

153, Green Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9134515

Sylhet Cane Craft,

69/B, Panthapath, Green Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 01711-355222,01712-244243



Babel Corporation Ltd.

12/1, Sangshad Avenue, Monipuripara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,

Telephone No: 8127987, 9111213

F.K. Engineering Works

11, Kallyanpur, Bus Stand,

Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9008296

Navana Furture,

64, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9893148, 8850472

Otobi Limited

Head Office: 14, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Uttara Branch: House # 21, Road # 7, Sector # 4, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230

Elephant Road Branch: 230, New Elephant Road, Dhka-1205,Bangladesh.

Telephone No: 9563931-2, 8919527, 8619257



Hasan Metalic Corporation,232, Pathantoly Road, Nazpool, Chittagong, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 031-724421

Regia Metal & Engg. Works, 477/A, Commerce College Road, Mogoltooly, Chittagong, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 031-726464


Aluminium Furniture,

337/, DIT Road, West Rampura, Dhaka,Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9336755, 9334232, 9340151, 9335049, 01720-961096

Anik Foreign Furniture

661, Donia Road/ 195, Kazla

Donia, Demra/ 39, Shahid Faruque Road, North Dhaka,

Bangladesh, Telephone No: 01191-138724

Bajitpur Steel Products,

62/A, North Jatrabari, Dhaka


Bangladesh Stgeelco

65/2, DIT Extn. Road, Purana Paltan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Telephone No: 9561824, 01913-468631

Champion Steel Products

Saleh Mansion, 3/10, Naya Paltan (DIT Extn.) Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9332218

City Steel

3/11, DIT Extn. Road, Naya Paltan, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8355960

Classic Design,

Rowshan Tower, 152/2/A-2,

Green Road, Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8142306



Akhter Furnishers Ltd.

Plot No.1298, Bharara, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8828776, 8851522, 9896730

AM Office System & Furniture,

15/4, Mirpur Road, (5th Floor),Shamoly, Dhaka1207,


Telephone No: 9133412, 9139528

Artisan Complex,wood furniture

18/C, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207


Telephone No: 9134101, 01711443087

Asha Impex Co.,

Shop# 4, Mosque Complex, D.C.C. Market, Gulshan # 1,

Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9895383

Bangla Furniture,

24/A, Free School Street, Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 01819-424964, 01911-939752

Bikrampur Foreign Furniture,

70/A, Green Road, Panthapath, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.,

Telephone No: 8650539

Chittagong Furniture,

Shop No. C-25/26, B.N.S. Center, (3rd Floor), Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 01672882577

Dynamic Associates,

89, Bijoy Nagar, (3rd Floor), Aziz Co-operative Market, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9555800, 9113481, 9560504



N. Mohd. Plastic Industries Ltd,

220/247, CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Chittagong, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 880-31-650362, 633558


Bengal Plastic Industries Ltd.,

Bengal House, 75, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-

1212, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9888248


Principal Brandh: 60, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Farmgate, Tejgaon, Badda,

Dhaka, Bangladesh,

9889158, 9894823

Interior Depot

House # 6, Road # 9, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8825907

J.S.P. Furniture World,

Motalib Plaza, Shop # 132-133 (Gr. Floor), 8, Sonargaon Road, Hatirpool,

Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9670312, 01712-146885

Joint Trading Company,

67/1/A, Green Road (1st Floor), Near Café Noor Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8625832, 01713-037068, 01552-414107

Lili Furniture

B-7, South D.C.C. Market, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8822034

N. Mohd. Plastic,

69/E, Green Road, Panthapath, Dhaka,-1205, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8631391, 9669787

Navana Furniture,

64, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1,Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9893148, 8850472

Otobi Limited

Head Office: 14, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Telephone No: 9563931-2

Uttara Branch: House # 21, Road #7, Sector # 4, Uttara

Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh, Telephone No: 8919527

Elephant Road Branch: 230,

Mew Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh, Telephone No: 8619257




City Dream

77, Shahid Saifuddin Khaled Road, Askerdeghi, Chittagong, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 031-630120

Dunlop Furnitures,

276, 94/D, Shahid Saifuddin

Khaled, Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 031-615763


Abdullah Wood Complex,

Show Room: 18, Karimullar Bagh, Arsin Gate, Postogola

Show Room: 68, Uttar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Telephone No: 7451265,

Telephone No: 7301858

Achievement Group,

Azad Centre (18th Floor), 55,

Purana Paltan, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Telephone No: 9513705,

Telephone No: 01811-909023

Akhtar Furnitures Ltd.,

House # 1, Road # 10, Sector # 1, New Airport Road, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 8959223,8959224

Akhter Furnishers,

66, Progoti Sharani, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Telephone No: 8851525

Alam Enterprise,

G-21, South D.C.C. Market,

Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 9895229

Amin Furnitures,

26, Shahid Faruque Sarak, South Jatrabari, Dhaka, Bangladesh,

Telephone No: 01714-821851

Ananda Furnishers & Door Complex

212, Elephant Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,

Telephone No: 8624536,01720-256717

Asif Furniture Mart

23/J/I, Panthapath, Oposite Basundhara City, Dhaka, Bangladesh.,

Telephone No: 01717-061581, 01918-404038

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