The National Bank of Kuwait – NBK Accounts Loan Facilities

The National Bank of Kuwait – NBK was founded in 1952 as the first local bank of Kuwait, the first stock exchange registered company in the State of Kuwait and the Persian Gulf region.

NBK head office is located at Kuwait City, Total asset of the Bank is  79.22 billion USAD. In 2016, National Bank of Kuwait eared 3.21billion USD. Total Number of Employees are 6,916. CEO is Isam Jasem Al Sager.

Banking Services of NBK


There are three kinds of account services are available at NBK for every day banking. Business or individual can open these kinds of account for their daily banking.

  • NBK Current Account.
  • NBK Express Account.
  • NBK Trust Account.


SAVING ACCOUNTS of National Bank of Kuwait

NBK classified saving accounts into eight categories are follows:

  • NBK Current Account.NBK -  National Bank of Kuwait
  • NBK Express Account.
  • NBK Call Account.
  • NBK Savings Account.
  • NBK Trust Account.
  • NBK Super Account.
  • NBK Al Jawhara Account.
  • NBK Notice Account.



There are three kinds of Terms deposits at National Bank of Kuwait.

  • NBK Flexible Term Deposit.
  • NBK Term Deposit.
  • Partial Withdrawal Deposit.



  • Privilege Banking.
  • Thahabi Package.


SALARY PACKAGES at National Bank of Kuwait.

You can received your salary though Bank account. The company will transfer your salary to you account, and you can withdraw the money when you need from ATM. There are two salary packages are for Kuwait Citizens and Foreigners.

  • Kuwaiti Salary Package.
  • Expat Package.



  • Al Shabab Package.
  • Zeina Package.



National Bank of Kuwait offers different kinds of load facilities. You can take Car loan from the bank with reasonable rate but easy return process.

  • Auto Loan
  • Consumer Loan.
  • Installment Loan.
  • Expat Loans.
  • International Mortgages


CREDIT CARDS of National Bank of Kuwait

There are different kinds of credit cards provided by NBK. Risk free transactions by credit card to buy any kind of product or service from Kuwait and other countries. Credit cards are as follows:

  • Visa Signature Credit Card.
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card.
  • Platinum Mastercard Credit Card.
  • Miles Credit Card.
  • Gold Credit Card.
  • Classic Credit Card.
  • World Mastercard Credit Card.
  • Diners Club Credit Card.
  • Titanium Mastercard Credit Card.
  • Laki Titanium Mastercard Credit Card.
  • World Elite Mastercard Credit Card.
  • Visa Infinite Credit Card.



  • Classic Prepaid Card.
  • Gift Prepaid Card.
  • Al Shabab Prepaid Card.
  • FIFA World Cup Prepaid Card.
  • Al Shabab FIFA World Cup Prepaid Card.
  • Foreign Currency Prepaid Card.


National Bank of Kuwait Saving Account facilities

You like to you account balance, save money and enjoy spending in different ways to make your family happy. Day by day, you can save and grow your earnings in the easiest way. National bank of Kuwait offers you interest on your saving accounts also, you can withdraw and transfer the money as well.

Who can open Saving Account?

To open a Savings Account at National Bank of Kuwait, you must be Eighteen (18) years old or above.


Facilities of Saving Accounts of National Bank of Kuwait.

  • Free Visa debit card.
  • Withdraw from more than 650,000 ATM machines globally
  • Online Banking from anywhere of the world.
  • 24 Hours support Number: 1801801

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