Iftar and Sehri time in Dhaka Bangladesh for Ramadan 2018

Ramadan mubarak started on May 18, 2018 with the confirmation of Moon sight by the Islamic Foundation. The moon of Arabic month Ramadan have seen for a while in the western sky on May 17, 2018 just after the Magrib Azan. Jatio Chand Dekha Committee, (National Moonsight Commettee) announced the news of soonsight, community witnessed the Moon in Bangladesh sky.

Eid-ul-Fitr will be on  June 16 or June 17, 2018 but depends on  Moon sight of next month. According to Islami Foundation we have listed iftar and sehri time for Dhaka 2018, Bangladeshi people living in other country or territory must follow local time.

Sobe kadar, Lailatul Kadar on June 7, June 9, June 11, June 13, June 15, 2018.

Sehri and Iftar time Dhaka Bangladesh 2018

Sehri and Iftar time in Dhaka Bangladesh for the month of Ramadan, other city or  district time also see below.

 Sehri time Dhaka 2018

Hijri Year 1439
May June 
Day NameSehri Last time in DhakaFazr Prayer Time (Start)Iftar time in Dhaka 2018
Ramjan First 10 days for Rahmat
 Last Sehri time Dhaka 2018 Salat Time Iftar time Dhaka 2018
Ramadan – 01May 18Friday sehri time Bangladesh 3:46 am (Last time)3.46 amIftar Time 6.39 pm
Ramadan – 02May 19Saturday 3.45 am3.49 amIftar 6.39 pm
Ramadan – 03May 20Sunday 3.44 am3.48 amIftar 6.40 pm
Ramadan – 04May 21Monday 3.44 am3.48 amIftar 6.40 pm
Ramadan – 05May 22Tuesday 3.43am3.47 amIftar Time 6.41 pm
Ramadan – 06May 23Wednesday 3.43 am3.47 amIftar Time 6.42 pm
Ramadan – 07May 24Thursday 3.42 am3.46 amIftar Time 6.42 pm
Ramadan – 08May 25Friday3.42 am3.46 amIftar Time 6.42 pm
Ramadan – 09May 26Saturday3.41 am3.45 amIftar 6.43 pm
Ramadan – 10May 27Sunday3.41 am3.45 amIftar 6.43 pm
 Sehri time Dhaka 2018
Ramjan Second 10 days for Magferat
Last Sehri time Dhaka 2018
Ramzan – 11May 28Monday Sehri Last time: 3.41 am3.45 amIftar time  6.43 pm
Ramzan – 12May 29Tuesday  Sehri Time 3.40 am3.44 amIftar time 6.44 pm
Ramzan – 13May 30Wednesday Sehri Last time 3.40 am3.44 amIftar time 6.44 pm
Ramzan- 14May 31ThursdaySehri Time 3.40 am3.44 am6.45 pm
Ramzan – 15June 1FriSehri 3.39 am3.43 am6.45 pm
Ramzan – 16June 2SatSehri 3.39 am3.43 am6.46 pm
Ramzan – 17June 3SunSehri 3.39 am3.43 am6.46 pm
Ramzan – 18June 4MonSehri 3.39 am3.43am6.46 pm
Ramzan – 19June 5TuesSehri 3.39 am3.43 am6.47 pm
Ramzan – 20June 6WedSehri 3.39 am3.43 am6.47 pm
Ramjan Second 10 days for Najat
Last Sehri time in Dhaka 2018 iftar time In Dhaka
Ramadan  21June 7Thursdaysehri time dhaka 3.38am (last time)3.42 amIftar time 6.47 pm
Ramadan  22June 8FriSehri 3.38 am3.42 amIftar 6.48 pm
Ramadan 23June 9SatSehri 3.38am3.42 amIftar 6.48 pm
Ramadan 24June 10SunSehri 3.38 am3.42 am6.49 pm
Ramadan 25June 11MondaySehri 3.38 am3.42 am6.49 pm
Ramadan 26June 12TuesSehri 3.38am3.42 am6.50 pm
Ramadan 27June 13wedSehri 3.37 am3.41 am6.50 pm
Ramdan 28June 14thursSehri 3.38 am3.42 am6.50 pm
Ramdan 29June 15friSehri 3.38 am3.42 am6.50 pm
Ramdan 30June 16saturdaySehri Last time in Dhaka 3.38 am3.42 am6.51 pm


Sehri Time Dhaka Bangladesh

Time Add to iftar and sehri  Dhaka time 2018 :

+1 minute –  Patuakhali, Madaripur, Jhalokathi Sehri and Iftar timeSehri and Iftar time in Bangladesh for Ramanda

+2 minutes – Barguna, Rajbari, Sherpur, Manikgonj, Pirojpur, Jamalpur, Tangail

+3 minutes – Faridpur, Gopalgonj, Bagerhat, Sirajgoanj, Korigram Sehri and iftar time

+4 minutes – Gaibandha, Khulna, Norail, Lalmonirhat, Magura

+5 minutes – Bogra, Pabna, Rangpur, Jhenaidha, Jessore, Kustia

+6 minutes – Satkhira, Joypurhat, Nator, Noagaon Sehri and Iftar time

+7 minutes – Chouadanga, Nilpamari, Rajshahi, Dinajpur

+8 minutes – Meherpur, Panchagar, Thakurgaon

+9 minutes – Chapainobabgaonj


Time Reduce from Sehri and Iftar Dhaka Time 2018

-1 minute – Mymensingh, Narayanganj, MunshiganjSahri and Iftar time

-2 minutes – Chandpur, Bhola, Narsingdi, Netrokona Sehri and Iftar time

-3 minutes – Kishoregonj, Laxmipur, Noakhali, B. Baria

-4 minutes – Comilla, Sunamgonj Sahri and Iftar time

-5 minutes – Hobigonj, Feni Sehri and iftar time

-6 minutes – Moulabibazar, Chittagong, Sylhet

-7 minutes – Cox’s Bazar, Khagrachari Sehri and Iftar time

-8 minutes – Rangamati, Bandarban sehri and iftar timeIftar Sehri time busy Bangladesh people

  • Bangladesh Sahri Time 3 minutes reduced from the actual time
  • Bangladesh Iftar time 3 minutes added to actual time too.
  • Ramadan is one of the main pillars of Islam. Muslims all over the World fasting full month and seeking forgiveness of the Almighty Allah. This month is divided into 3 parts are Rahamam, Maghferat and Najata. Every true Muslims must fast in the holy month.After completion of one month fasting Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with joyous and happiness.


busy people iftar time in Bangladesh to buy iftari

Iftar time Mosjid arrangemnt for poor people Bangladesh

waiting for iftar time in Bangladesh

Iftar and Sehir time in Bangladesh

Iftar time in Dhaka 2018 according to Islami Foundation.

This is base iftar time and reduced and increase minute to calculate iftar time in Bangladesh 2018.  For Iftar and Sehri time in Bangladesh 2018, 3 minutes only careful time.  Iftar time just 3 minute after the sunset and sehri time also just 3 minute before the subhe sadik for Dhaka iftar time as well as Chittagong and other areas. Iftar time in Bangladesh 2018 must be exactly and according to given time here. Sehri time Dhaka can not be changed if you think so. So please be careful in Iftar and sehir time in Bangladesh. Fasting time for Muslims in Bangladesh for Ramadan 2018 about 15 hours.  Al-Hamdulliah, weather is very comfortable for Ramadan 2018. Bangladeshi people are fasting in the year 2018 for 15 hours without any problem. Allah-Hu-Akbar.



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