All Community Club – A Dhaka, Bangladesh ACCL

All Community Club  Ltd. is one of the fastest developing club in Bangladesh.  All Community Club Ltd-ACCL all set to rise. Newly elected members of Board of directors expressed their firm determination and plan to increase facilities for its members.

We want to bring meaningful change in the mind of our members to initiate more developments in the club?, said firmly Mohammad Shahidullah Azim, President, ACCL.

He also said that they would add new facilities like disco floor, digital auditorium etc. To increase cooperation with other clubs, he said, they are going to start inter club competitions.

The objective of the club is to create a better place for entertainment and social get together for its members. The goal of the club is to create better tomorrow for future generation.

Club profile
ACCL incorporated on January 10, 2002. The formal inauguration was held on January 21,2003 by M. Morshed Khan, Former Foreign Minister. Founder president of the Club is Zafar Ahmed Chowdhury. The club currently offers the facilities of Billiard & Pool, Table Tennis, Card Room, Health Club, Bar, Restaurant, Community Hall etc. Total members of the club is around 460 and there are 18 honorary members. A mentionable of lady members also are in the club.

Social welfareAll community Club
The club is also a leader in social welfare activities. They distributed help items for the flood-affected people this year. They arranged an Iftar for 200 orphanage this year too. There are more plans on the card to help people.

The introductory ceremony of newly elected Board of Directors for 2008-2009 tenure of All Community Club was held on Thursday, October 30,2 008 at 7 am at its community Hall.  After the introductory ceremony a music event was held. Eminent singer Samina Chowdhury sang a number of sweet Bangla Music.
The Members of Board of Directors
Mohammad Shahidullah Azim (President), Moazzem Hossain Moti, Abu Alam Chowdury, Md. Salauddin Gazi, Md. Saiful Alam, M A Baten, Md. Abdul Tahid Mojumder, Munadir Islam, Md. Ruhul Amin Akil, Md. Asad Ullah, Md. Zahirul Islam, Mohammed Nasir, K.Mowla Chowdhury, A K M Alamgir, M Abdus Sattar.The club really hope to emerge as a leading destination as a recreational place. It also planned to boost social welfare activities, as well.Address:All Community Club in Dhaka
House # 40,Road # 35, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212.



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