ATN Bangla – First Bengali language digital cable television

ATN Bangla is the first Bengali language digital cable television channel in Bangladesh. This channel is transmits from its own studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh. ATN Bangla is transmitted in South Asia, the Middle-east, Europe, and North America. The channel offers a wide variety of programming including news, movies, dramas, talk shows, educational, social, political and

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Asian TV – an Entrainment satellite Television

Asian TV is an Entrainment satellite Television channel in Bangladesh. It is an Entertainment and Business based television channel with the motive of taking Bangladesh’s electronic media industry to a new dimension.

Asian TV also highlight the corporate house update on their product or service and make some program with them. It is a Bangla language

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How to get Bangladesh Visa? – Visit visa requirements

Application to:

Consular Section at Embassy or High Commission.

Application requirements :

(a) Valid passport. (b) 2 completed application forms. (c) 2 (two) passport size photos. (d) Visa Fee. (e) Letter from company or employer or other relevant letters for business and conference trips.

how to get Bangladesh visa?
Types of visa allowed :

Transit : Transit visa is

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TV Film Associations in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Film Directors Association

FDC, Dhaka
Tel: 8115021
General Secretary
Tel: 8115021

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List of Television channels in Bangladesh – TV BD

First Television channel Bangladesh Television was broadcast in in the year 1964. Untill 1990 BTV was the only Terrestrial Televisionin in the country. ATN Bangla was the first private satellite TV channel in Bangladesh. ATN Bangla channel started operating in 1997.
Terrestrial broadcasting networks: Bangladesh Television is the only terrestrial Bangla station in Bangladesh owned by

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Business Association in Bangladesh

The Business Association in Bangladesh are a group of business men working in the same trade or industry. Trade association basically organized for the advancement of their common interests. The main focus of the all trade associations are collaboration between companies or organizations and try to standardization of those companies. Trade associations might provide certain

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Travel and Tourism of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a naturally beautiful revering country of South Asia bordering India and Myanmar with a coastline of 710km north of Bay of Bengal. It is a tropical monsoon climate country with high rainfall and medium temperature. But climate is tropical with mild winter from October to March. This is the best time to visit Bangladesh. Travel

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Telephone dialing code for district or upazila in Bangladesh

International or local telephone dialing code for Bangladeh
International telephone dialing code for Bangladesh is 880 or 00880 or +880. To call Bangladesh from outside dialing format is “country code + area code + telephone number”. Dialing format to call any number in Dhaka city would be 00880-2-950**00. No

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Sundarban – World’s largest mangrove forest

Sundarbans of Bangladesh is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It situated on the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta at the point where river merges with the Bay of Bengal. Sundarbans is the natural history for its array of trees and wildlife.

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Studies in abroad from Bangladesh – how to get student visa?

Students of Bangladesh want to go abroad for higher education due to facilities, job opportunities and quality education. To study abroad you should have strong financial base. Colleges or Universities in Bangladesh are able to provide quality education too but seats limitation. Thus students from financially strong family are interested to study abroad like USA,

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