3.41 Trillion Taka Bangladesh Budget For 2016-17 Fiscal Year

Finance Minister AMA Muhit placed Tk 340, 605 crore  budget for fiscal 2016-17 as his 8th and 45th of Bangladesh on June 02, 2016.  Foreign investment friendly and business oriented budget 2016-2017 will help to get this high achievement as the government will take initiatives to develop physical infrastructure in the power, energy and communication sectors.

Total budget of Bangladesh 2016-17 is around Tk 3.41 trillion


Revenue Amount in Taka
Tax Revenue: 203152 crore taka
Non-NBR Tax: 7250 crore taka
Non Tax Revenue: 32350 crore taka


Non Develpment and Development Budget for Bangladesh 2016-17
Foreign Grants: 1.6%
Foreign Loan: 9%
Domestic Financing 18.1%

Non-tax Revenue 9.5%
Tax Revenue : (non nbr) 2.1%



Tax Revenue (NBR)
Taka 2031.52 Billion (59.7%)
VAT : 35.8%
Import Duty6: 11.1%
Incom Tax: 35.4%
Supplementary Duty: 14.8%
Others: 2.9%


Non-Development & Development Expenditure Budget 2016-17 of Bangladesh ( BD budget 2016-17 )
excluding loans & advances, food account operation, domestic & foreign debt and structural adjustment expenditure

Budget 2016-17 for Office of the President :  20 cr taka

Budget 2016-17 for Parliament :  295 cr

Budget 2016-17 for Prime Ministers Office :  1320 crore taka

Budget 2016-17 for Cabinet Division :  98 cr

Election Commission : 1290 cr

Ministry of Public Administration : 2020 cr

Public Service Commission : 47 cr

Finance Division :  36147 cr

Internal Resources Division (IRD) :  2301 cr

Bank and Financial Institution Division :  331 Crore Taka

Budget 2016-17 for Economic Relations Division :  245 Cr Taka

Planning Division/2 : 1410  Crore Taka

Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division :  162 cr

Statistics and Informatics Division :  500 Crore Taka

Ministry of Foreign Affairs :  1087 Crore Taka

Local Government and Rural Development :  21322 Crore Taka

Rural Development and Co-operatives Division : 1377  cr

Budget 2016-17 for Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs of Bangladesh : 840 Crore Taka

Ministry of Defense – Defense Services : 21654 Crore Taka

Ministry of Defense – Others Services : 447 Crore Taka

Armed Forces Division : 29 cr

Law and Justice Division : 1517 Crore Taka

Supreme Court : 155 Crore Taka

Ministry of Home Affairs :  19276 Crore Taka

Anti Corruption Commission :  91 Crore Taka

Legislative and Parliamentary Affairs Division : 24 crore

Ministry of Primary and Mass Education : 22162 crore taka

Ministry of Education – Education Division : 26848 cr

Ministry of Science and Technology :  2069cr

Budget 2016-17 for Ministry of Information and Communication  Technology :  1836 cr

Budget 2016-17 for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare : 17486 Crore Taka

Ministry of Social Welfare : 4,272 Crore Taka

Ministry of Women and Children’s’ Affairs : 2,150 Crore Taka

Ministry of Liberation Affairs : 3,011 Crore Taka

Food Division : 2,443 Crore Taka

Disaster Management and Relief Division : 8,004 crore Taka

Ministry of Housing and Public Works : 3,118 Crore Taka

Ministry of Information : 836 Crore Taka

Ministry of Cultural Affairs : 421 Crre Taka

Ministry of Religious Affairs : 525 Crore Taka

Ministry of Youth and Sports : 922 cr

Energy and Mineral Resources Division : 1,973 cr

Power Division : 13,062 Crore Taka

Ministry of Agriculture/3 : 13,676 Crore Taka

Ministry of Fishery & Animal Resources : 1,801 Crre Taka

Ministry of Environment and Forest : 1,033 Crore Taka

Ministry of Land : 1,485 Crore Taka

Ministry of Water Resources : 4,713 Crore Taka

Ministry of Industries : 1,713 Crore Taka

Ministry of Textiles and Jute : 425 Crore Taka

Ministry of Commerce :   552 Crore Taka

Ministry of Labour and Employment : 308 Crore Taka

Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment : 560 crore

Roads transport and highway Division : 10,910 Crore Taka

Railway Ministry :   11,950 Crore TakaBangladesh Budget 2016-17

Ministry of Shipping : 2,055 Crore Taka

Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism : 549 Crore Taka

Ministry of Post and Telecommunications : 2,513 Crore Taka

Bridges Division : 9,288 Crore Taka

Interest  Domestic : 38,240 Crore Taka

Interest Foreign : 1,711 Crore Taka


Tax on Export Products

Bangladesh 2016-17 budget imposed 1.5% source tax on all kinds of export which will be a challenges for both industrial and export growth.

BGMEA president, Siddiqur Rahman said, 1.5% source tax goes against the governments Industrial policy.


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